“The message series saved my marriage!”

Someone shared with me this week that God has used Graystone Church and specifically the “I Want A Better Life” message series to save his marriage.  Can I get an AMEN?  He said that he has realized that if he wants a better wife, then he has to be a better husband.  He said that he is now focused on meeting his wife’s emotional needs instead of simply looking to have his needs met.  As a couple, they are reading through the book, “His Needs Her Needs“.

This person comes from a divorced home and grew up in a broken family.  He does not want to see that happen to his kids.  And he has realized that being a great parent starts with focusing on his marriage relationship.  I am hoping and praying that God uses this series and Graystone to save many more marriages and keep many more families together.

Let’s pray for God to keep moving in hearts and changing lives!

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  1. This series has been awesome! I just got married in July so this was great timing for me and in just a few short weeks I have seen the impact this message series has had on our marriage. What a blessing! You should really think about putting these sermons together as part of the pre-marital counseling for couples! Can’t wait to hear Sunday’s message.

    • Kelly, I am so excited to hear that you are getting your marriage started with Biblical instruction. Always strive to keep God at the center. And as a side note, always be the first to say you are sorry.

  2. AMEN! Jonathan, we have been trying to encourage our daughter/step-daughter to try to encourage her husband that has requested a divorce to please listen to this awesome series “I Want a Better Life”. They have not filed for divorce yet, and they have two young children 10 and 5, both boys and it breaks our hearts to think that their lives will be torn apart because of a divorce. She mentioned that he “might” be interested in trying to resolve the marriage but he would have to think about it. We are, to say the least, praying that the Lord will work in their hearts and help them to reconcile their differences, help them to forgive and rebuild their marriage relationship! I hope, too, they will listen to this series and read the book, “His Needs, Her Needs” and it can save this marriage. Jonathan, thank you so much for the teachings of the Word of God with each of the series that you bring to us each Sunday to apply so much to our daily lives!

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