Every number represents a name and a family.

I shared yesterday on my blog that 10 kids accepted Jesus Christ on Sunday at Graystone.  Today, I was in the Archer High School cafeteria, and I ran into Coach Joel Bridges.  Joel was so excited to tell me that his son, Jacob, accepted Jesus on Sunday.  He was one of the 10 kids.  He said that right after church, Katie, our children’s pastor, was sharing Jacob’s decision with Joel and his wife, Shannon.  Joel said that all three of them (Joel, Katie and Shannon) were crying as they shared the joy of this good news.

Joel said that Katie gave them a book, “Now that I am a Christian”, and they are going through it each night with Jacob.  With excitement, Joel said that tonight they will cover “Day 3” in the book.  Jacob Bridges was one of the 10 kids who accepted Jesus and Katie, along with his parents, are helping him understand his decision and getting him started on a lifetime of knowing God personally.

This a great example of the church, specifically our children’s ministry, partnering with parents to help their kids grow spiritually.  It is also a great reminder that every number represents a name and a family.  In this case, the number represents Jacob Bridges and his family.

Can I get an AMEN?

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