Monday Download: 5 Things (4 Important & 1 Observation)

In an effort to make my Monday Download more “reader-friendly”, let me share 5 things with my Graystone family:

#1 – Everyone did awesome in the service yesterday. KATB, “Kyle and the Band”, led us in a great time of worship.  Rusty hit a home run with “Should’ve Been A Cowboy”, and God used Jim to deliver a great message.  Several people told me that God used Jim’s message to speak to their specific job situation.  I also appreciate Jimmy and Rachel sharing their “dream job” testimony.  I am actually jealous that Jimmy is “retiring” so young.  Although, as you all know, I only have to work one day a week, and I was off yesterday.

#2 – The 11:00 service is close to capacity (Parking lot, auditorium, and children’s area are packed!). If any of you who attend the 11:00 service could switch over to the 9:15 service, we would greatly appreciate it.  We probably need around 100 folks to make the change, so we can create more space for new visitors at 11:00.  Also, if any of our early arriving volunteers could park in the back gravel lot, that would be great.

#3 – (My observation) The highest attended Sunday of the year I spoke on SEX! Now, I know it’s early in 2011, but as I was going over the January vital signs, I noticed that the highest attended Sunday of the year was January 16 when I spoke on SEX.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  It was also the largest weekly offering: $25,866.91.  That’s over $10,000 more than any other week.  This is just an observation and something for me to consider and take to God in prayer.

#4 – We have saved the best for last.  “I Want A Better Life” has been an incredible message series, and we have saved the best service for this Sunday, February 6.  I will be sharing a message titled, “The Secret to a Better Life” and we have a “grand finale” planned to finish the series.  You do not want to miss it!  And the Superbowl does not kickoff until 6:00PMish, so please don’t bring that lame excuse up in the house.

#5 – 10 elementary age kids accepted Jesus Christ Sunday in the All Star Class! PRAISE GOD!  I’m pretty sure that is what it’s all about.  I’m shedding a few tears of joy as I type #5.  A big THANK YOU goes out to the entire Graystone team: the parking guys, greeters, those who cleaned the children’s area, anyone who gave money  to the “I Love My Church” Offering for the Front Room renovations, Katie, our children’s workers, those leading worship and running sound in the All Star Class, teachers, prayer warriors…the list could go on and on…EVERYONE who gives and serves at Graystone…God used all of you to change 10 kids’ lives for all eternity!

Let’s set ourselves ON FIRE for God in 2011!

To Him be all the glory,


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