I’m giving away a free iPad (or something else).

Different people are motivated by different things.  I decided to motivate the Graystone Staff Team with a reward.  The staff members who recruit the most volunteers to Vision Night/Leadership Summit will receive a free iPad (or something else).  Vision Night is so important that I wanted to make sure every staff member did everything they could to recruit their incredible volunteers to attend.  A simple mass email from me to our church database was not going to cut it (Although, I know that ya’ll love my weekly emails.).

So, if you serve in a volunteer ministry area at Graystone and would like to help the staff person responsible for your ministry team (I.e. Katie: Children’s Ministry; Nate: Small Groups; Heath: Tech Team, etc.), then you can support them by being at Graystone on Thursday night at 7:00PM.

I will actually be giving away 2 ipads (or something else).  I will be giving an iPad (or something else) to the staff member who has the highest number of volunteers present and a second iPad (or something else) to the staff member who has the highest percentage of his or her volunteers present.

So, I’m anxious to see who is motivated to win a free ipad (or something else).

What would motivate you?

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  1. Jonathan,,,,I could be motivated to in an ipad by coming to the Vision Night to represent the Prayer Team, Children’s Ministry and the Hope Center even though I am leaving at 7:00 am on Friday morning for an Extreme Response staff meeting in ORLANDO! WHAT a sacrifice….I could be home packing and getting ready but I’ll be at my church instead!

    Every missionary needs an ipad to keep up with all their schedules and events!!!

    🙂 I really enjoyed your message on Sunday…even though my son is 25, I found many pearls of wisdom for our relationship as adults!

    Have a great Thursday and I’ll see you at 7!

  2. Well – who got the ipad?? I’m on pins and needles. I heard great things about the meeting, sorry we weren’t there. However, if you don’t believe any one is worthy, I will be happy to accept it.

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