Monday Download: I Want a Better Husband, Shania Twain, Gomer Pyle, 500 Kids, Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies…

Well, it’s Monday and my house is full of middle-schoolers.  I love MLK Jr. but I have a dream of my own.  No, actually, I love having all the kids over.  We want our house to be the place to be, and I pray regularly for all these kids…more than they will ever know.  My biggest concern right now is whether the “garbage man” is coming tomorrow.  My trash has been sitting by the road since last Tuesday morning and the pile keeps getting bigger.  I’m sure my neighbors are loving it.

Wow, where do I start…great service yesterday.  Tremendous crowd especially with a 3 day weekend and all the snow and ice.  I appreciate Rusty and our facilities team getting the parking lot and sidewalks cleared and safe for everyone.

“Kyle and the Band” led us in a sweet time of worship.  Then, Jennifer and “KATB” sounded great on the Shania Twain song, “Any Man of Mine”.  I found myself singing along.  That has to be the first time in the history of Graystone that “KATB” played country songs on back to back Sundays.  Kyle actually hates country music, but he is a total team player.  This next Sunday, “KATB” are playing another country song, “Mommas Don’t Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys”.  Not really.  I seriously cannot tell you what the feature song is or Heath really would kill me.  I will give you one hint (just kidding Heath).  I will say that you do not want to miss it.  Ummm…let’s just leave it at that.

Adam and Jennifer Wilson did a great job acting and their video was hilarious.  Adam loves to ham it up.  Jennifer, thank you for being a good sport.  I’m confident that all of the couples can relate to both sides of the story.  You can watch the videos here: I Want A Better Wife (Week 1) and I Want A Better Husband (Week 2).   I know that was great acting because Adam would never give Jennifer that much cash. 🙂

The Ladies Panel did a tremendous job.  I loved what each of them had to share and I think it was beneficial for all of us to hear their perspective.  And they each had great examples and good practical application.  I thought they added tremendous value to the message.

I know that wives submitting to their husbands is not the most exciting passage to study.  But it is very Biblical and if the husband and the wife both fulfill their roles, we will have some incredible marriages and families at Graystone. BTW, the husband is not the KING of his family but is to love his wife AS a king.  Jesus is the KING!  But, the wife is THE QUEEN.  More on this next Sunday…

I’m always a little nervous talking about sex in church (or anywhere else for that matter).  Jennifer decided to watch/listen to the message from the Cry Room.  She also gets a little nervous when I talk about these things, and she didn’t want “all eyes on her”.  You can read her thoughts about “the wife” sermon here.

My favorite part of the sermon was challenging the wives to “pull a Gomer Pyle” on their husbands.  The last time I gave this challenge was 3 years ago.  And let me just say that there were several couples who made personal application.  Our two year old room is one of our largest population of kids.  I’m expecting several babies to be born later this year (Late October-November).

Speaking of kids, yesterday we had 300 children in the Graystone Kid’s area.  This is our largest attendance of kids with the exception of our grand opening on 01.10.10.  Katie and her team are doing an incredible job loving and teaching our kids.  There were also 180 6th-12th graders who heard Nate’s “Love, Sex and Dating” message.  If you are a parent of one of these kids, you might want to ask them what the talk was about.  We had some pretty good discussion at lunch yesterday with our two middle-schoolers.

If you do the math, that is almost 500 kids under the age of 18 at Graystone Church yesterday.  I have said this before but our kids are not the future of Graystone Church, they are a big part of Graystone Church right NOW.  They are one of our highest priorities and our number 1 mission field.

This next Sunday, I am actually focusing on the kids and sharing with you a little about our Children’s and Student Ministries at Graystone and some of the things that our staff team is doing to help them grow spiritually.  I will also challenge the parents to be the parents that God has called them to be.  If you want better kids, then you have to be a better parent.

If you are a parent, you do not want to miss next Sunday.  And if you like music, you are going to love the feature song.  It is…

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  1. Hey look Jonathan, I’m still reading the blog post, I started yesterday, and I think I should be able to wrap it up by sometime tomorrow. I thought it was great too, hearing all those nice things about myself.

  2. I was amazed about the number of kids there Sunday, and I agree with you 120% about this being our biggest mission field. And the topic although could be uncomfortable, my good friend John Thomas says its not “good for the whole family” to not talk about it, because everyone is thinking about it.

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