This blog is for the ladies!

During our worship planning meeting yesterday, Kyle, from “Kyle and the Band” Heath asked me what percentage of men and women read my blog.  He has a theory that more women read my blog than men.  This is an interesting thought, but I really have no idea if this is the case.

So, this leads me to write a blog just for the ladies.  As you girls know, this Sunday at Graystone is specifically for the ladies.  BTW, if you know any women, this would be a great Sunday to invite them to Graystone Church.  Anyway ladies, last Sunday, I taught from Ephesians 5:25 that men are “to love their wives as Christ loved the church”.  And I challenged the husbands to love their wives as a Prophet, Priest, and King.  You can watch the message here.

I have heard this week that the men are really embracing the idea of being the King of their families and their domain (for me, this is less than a .25 acre).  Soooooooooooo ladies, if your husband is the King, then what does that make you?


You will have to come to Graystone on Sunday to learn more.  It will be a special day for the ladies.  I will interview a female panel live on stage, our actor and actress will be back with the wife’s side of the story, and “Kyle and the Band” are covering a Shania Twain song.  Can you guess what song it is? (I had to scratch this part out, because Heath wants it to be a surprise. Sorry.)

Invite EVERYONE!  It’s gonna be a great Sunday at Graystone.  Also, we are having a “Love, Sex & Dating” message for the 6th-12th graders.  You might want to make sure they are here for this one.  Just sayin.

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  1. I’m thinking the song is Any Man of Mine…since you said there would be a song this week for the ladies…that’s what I’ve been singing…just read it’s Shania…so now I really think that’s it…could I be right? I’m not on your Graystone bloggers list…I could never comment for some reason when you asked about that a while back…our blog…

  2. So no Beyonce “All the Single Ladies”? With Nathan (oops, Nate) and Heath dancing?! Oh come on!

    (this outrageous comment blamed on cabin fever.)


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