Monday Download: snow, prophet, priest, king, point system, fishing song, BIGGEST HILL, Swagger Wagon, Vision Night, Love, Sex & Dating

View from my office door

I am writing this post from my underground bunker (a.k.a. basement office).  We got 6 inches of snow and are hunkered down.  I will probably put on 10 pounds in the next couple of days.  The kids are stirring and about to head out into the neighborhood to play in the snow.

The snow is a great reminder of God’s forgiveness.  Let’s thank God today as we meditate on Isaiah 1:18 “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow”.

As far as THE BIGGEST HILL IN TOWN…I did not factor in how we would get there.  At Christmas, we were able to load all the kids up in the Swagger Wagon, but that bad boy is not making it down our driveway.  This is just another argument for why I need a pick up truck.  Anyway, I think everyone is going to have to find their own HILL.

There are rumors of folks going over to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s (The Wilsons) to sled.  They probably do have the biggest HILL in town.  And I thought they did a great job acting yesterday.  I am looking forward to next Sunday and seeing the female side of the story.

I’ve received a ton of compliments about yesterday’s service.  Everyone seemed to love the music, especially “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishing Song)”.  Jason sounded just like Brad Paisley.  2 things I know: 1. People at Graystone love country music.  2.  God has blessed us with some serious musical talent.

As far as my message, “I Want a Better Wife”, is concerned, I received 80% positive feedback.  There are always a few that have something negative to say, but I have learned to rolled with it.  I felt like God spoke to me this week and gave me a new, fresh revelation to apply Jesus as Prophet, Priest and King to loving our wives as Christ loved the church.  I have never heard anyone teach on this before, so I truly believe it came from the Lord.  Hopefully, all my messages are coming from Him, but I was especially excited about sharing this new revelation.

If ALL the men of Graystone would step up and be the spiritual leaders of their families, we truly would DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ.  I think they will. And I believe we will.  The best is yet to come!

I think the point that struck the biggest cord with the husbands and wives was the idea of a point system.  We can all relate.  And I did fail to mention that we, husbands, can receive negative points. For example, on Jennifer’s birthday, I had earned 4 points: Fogo Day, birthday present, handwritten card, and I took the kids to buy her a present.  But then, Jennifer had to bake her own birthday cake…that was minus 1 point.  In my mind I had 100 points easy…3 points!

Next Sunday, we are going to talk about how the wives can meet their husbands 5 emotional needs.  As I mentioned, I will have a panel of women to help me (think The View), and the students will have a special message that will be an introduction to their Disciple Now Weekend Topic of Love, Sex and Dating.

One final note, please make it a priority to be at Vision Night on Thursday at 7:00.  We will have a time of worship, share in the Lord’s Supper, and I will cast Graystone’s vision for 2011.  Then, we will break for a time of food and fellowship (if you would like to bring a dessert or snack that would be great), and we will finish the evening meeting with our various ministry teams for a time of training and encouragement.  Childcare is provided!

Let’s keep praying the Prayer of Jabez.  Many people have shared with me great stories of God already blessing them and answering their prayers.  God is good and He wants to bless us.  We simply need to ask.

Enjoy the snow and build some special memories with your family.

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  1. Jonathan, I thought the service was awesome and I was calling my sons and all the men I knew to encourage them to please go to our website and listen to it this week! You presented it very well and I like the way it was presented Prophet, Priest and King! Also, of course, the point system was a real winner!

    I look so forward to this Sunday to hear what you have to say about us wives!

    It’s ironic that you wrote in the blog about the snow being a reminder to us of Isaiah 1:18 “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be washed white as snow” because as I was doing the Bible Study Monday a.m. and my prayer journal I thank the Lord for His forgiveness and washing our sins white as the beautiful snow that He had blessed us with to enjoy that morning!

    Look forward to Thursday evening and Sunday!

  2. Jonathan, we just finished watching last Sunday’s message and man what a blessing it was. Due to most of our family being sick we where unable to attended. The message led to a wonderful discussion that needed to happen. We are so thankful you for the message God laid on your heart and can’t not wait to hear this Sunday’s message. New things are happening and we are glad Graystone is apart of our change.

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