God blessed me with firewood!

This may seem very small to some of you, but I am learning to praise God for the little things.  I have been praying the Prayer of Jabez all week…Lord, bless me indeed!  Well, as many of you know, the forecast for Monday is 5-10 inches of snow.  The kids are pumped!

“They” are saying to be prepared in case the power goes out.  So, Jennifer suggested that we need some firewood.  After I made my case that I really need a truck, Joelan and I set out in the Toyota Camry.  I had enough money to buy a couple of stacks of wood. We found someone close to our house selling wood.  It was half the price I had estimated, so I told him that I would take 4 stacks.  He asked how I was going to get it all in the trunk of my car.  I told him that I lived close and could make a few trips.

Long story short, he suggested that we use his truck.  He ended up selling me an entire truckload for the price of 2-3 stacks. Then, his family (wife, adult daughter and son-in-law) helped us load the truck, they drove to my house, and they all helped me and Joelan unload the truck.

God is good!  Let’s praise Him for the BIG things and the LITTLE things.  Let me encourage you to keep praying the Prayer of Jabez.

Do you have any Prayer of Jabez stories?

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