Monday Download: The Prayer of Jabez, Words with Friends, Saints vs Falcons, Brad Paisley, John Mayer, Seinfeld, Xbox, Bob Vila and Collard Greens

We had a great crowd at Graystone on New Year’s Weekend!  Everyone did seem a bit tired, myself included.

Next year (2012), New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday.  We may have to have one LATE service.

I thought “Kyle and the Band” nailed the John Mayer song, “Why Georgia?”  Too cool.

Julia thinks the song should be more appropriately named “Am I living it right?”

The feature song along with the Seinfeld clip was the perfect set up to my message, “I want a better life”.

I can relate to George.  Of the Seinfeld characters, who do you most relate to?  Kramer?  Newman?  Man hands?

I read the book, The Prayer of Jabez, several years ago, and God laid it on my heart to share it at Graystone to begin the new year.

If everyone is wanting a healthy and prosperous 2011, I’m thinking God can come through better than black-eyed peas, cabbage and collard greens.

Several people have emailed me their Prayer of Jabez stories.  Too cool.

The challenge from the book is to pray the Prayer of Jabez every day and see how God blesses.

Let’s do it!

Let’s pray right now, “Lord, bless me indeed.  Enlarge my territory.  Be with me. Keep me from evil. Amen!”

After each service, I had the privilege to pray with people.  I think I am going to make this my normal modus operandi.

I decided last night to go ahead and eat all the candy in the house, so I could get started on the right foot today.  Jennifer made brownies tonight.

I used my Christmas money to buy sheet rock and insulation.  I spent two days last week hanging sheet rock in my basement.  What a way to spend a couple of days off.  I am now so motivated that I went out tonight and bought 21 more pieces of sheet rock.  Look out Bob Vila.

I know how to hang sheet rock, because in both of our church plants, we renovated warehouses.  Hanging sheet rock is one of the useful tools I picked up from being a church planter.  They do not teach you in seminary how to hang sheet rock.  There are actually a lot of things about being a pastor that they did not teach me in seminary.  I do not have time to get into them now.

Building THE WALL (back to the sheet rock) in the old warehouse with some of our founding members is one of my favorite memories of Graystone Church.

There is something about doing a project that just draws people together.  It is kind of like winning a championship together.

The Saints have a hard road through the playoffs.  I’m hoping for a win at Seattle, a Packer’s upset of the Eagles, Saints beating Bears at Soldier Field, Falcons beating Packers, and then an NFC Championship Game in the Georgia Dome of a Saints vs Falcons rubber match.  I would be happy with the Saints or Falcons in the Superbowl and would love to see them beat Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Speaking of the Superbowl, I beat Joelan in Madden 11 last night to win the Superbowl (Saints 35 over Falcons 28).  Joelan was so mad, because that was my first time to play Xbox…beginners luck?

I’ve actually been playing a lot of video games over the holidays to spend time with my family.  Jennifer owns me in “Words with Friends”.  She gets major points spelling words that she does not know the definition while using high letter values on triple word spaces…Not that I am competitive or anything.

I’m really pumped about the next two Sundays at Graystone.  We will be focusing on dating and marriage.  Both weeks, “Kyle and the Band” have cool country songs planned.  This week for “I Want a Better Wife”, they are covering a Brad Paisley song.  Can you guess what it is?

Well, I gotta go.  The Orange Bowl is about to kickoff.  And it’s my play against Jennifer.  She played ‘GIP’ 12 hours ago for 12 points.

Don’t forget to read the Bible today!

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