5 Reasons to join Graystone for Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at Graystone Church is finally here!

I am so excited about today’s services that I got a big-time haircut and bought a new shirt!  Now, there are many reasons to join us at Graystone on Christmas Eve, but here are 5 reasons that come to the top of my head (that’s sounds funny!).

This week’s Friday Favs…5 reasons to join Graystone for Christmas Eve:

5. Free egg nog

4. JP and Shannon from Echoing Angels will be joining “Kyle and the Band” for some AMAZING Christmas music.

3. This will be the last Graystone worship service of the year.  I’m pretty sure we are going all out, and it will be creative, fun, worshipful, meaningful, inspirational, and powerful.  God’s word never returns void.

2. Could there be a more meaningful Christmas tradition than worshipping God together with your family on Christmas Eve?

1. Bring glory to God by celebrating the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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