Monday Download: Gerbil, GLEE, Facebook, Santa, Fantasy Football, Snow, Jesus

Santa was a big hit at Graystone yesterday.  I hope everyone gets what they asked for.

I am asking for a GFFL Championship.  My MS Mullets need a good game tonight from our best player, All Day (Adrian Peterson) to advance to the semifinals.

The Viking/Giants game was moved to Detriot on Monday night, since the Metrodome roof collapsed because of snow.  Check out the video footage here.

My roof has not collapsed because of the snow, but man is it cold.  I’m already tired of hearing people quote, “Baby, it’s cold outside”.

I am  proud to say that I have never watched an episode of GLEE.  Nor have I participated in a Step Sing.  And I have never seen the show “Sing Off”.  Apparently, it is a big hit among the Graystone staff and elders.

This has got me to thinking about doing another “Man Series” or maybe trying to hire some more athletes on staff.

I’m only joking.  If truth be told, I did write and sing a song, The 12 Days of a Graystone Christmas, at the Staff Christmas Party.  I have it recorded on video but Jennifer thinks it is too embarrassingly bad to post on the web for the world to see.  I told her that is what makes it so funny.  With enough encouragement, I would probably post it.

Anyway, I will post some video footage of Tiffany Hale opening my white elephant gift, a live gerbil.  Halfway through the video, I turned the camera to get a landscape shot, so you may have to turn your head or computer sideways if you want to see Jessie shake the gerbil cage.  Click here to watch the video.

My Men’s Discipleship Group and their families are coming over tonight  for a Christmas Party.  So that makes 3 parties in 4 nights. A little birdie told me that Jessica King is making me my own chocolate cake.  She will definitely get a BIG SIDE HUGE!

I’m trying to drop under 200 lbs before Christmas Eve but all these parties are killing me.  I weighed in at 207 this morning.  I have been to the gym 10 times in the last 15 days.  I’m getting my New Years Eve resolutions started early.  Thanks Luis for the suggestion!

Well, if you are still reading this so far meaningless post, God love you.  My challenge yesterday at Graystone was to “Go Tell It on the Mountain”.  We are to be like the shepherds and “spread the word” about Jesus.  The NKJV says that the shepherds made Jesus’s birth “widely known”.

On my blog this week, I would like for us to come up with as many creative ideas as we can to spread the news about Jesus this Christmas season.  One idea that I mentioned yesterday was to use FACEBOOK to invite people to the Graystone Christmas Eve Services.  Many people are already doing this.  So far, over 2000 people have been invited via facebook.  You can check it out here.

Over the next few days, I will post more ideas of how we can “spread the word” about Jesus this Christmas.

Do you have any ideas?

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    • Being the nice guy that I am, I stole the gerbil back from Tiff so she could pick out a more desirable gift. We tried to set the gerbil free but he/she kept coming back to Julia. I ended up returning him/her to the pet store the next day.

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