I’m impressed with Cam Newton’s character.

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a war eagle.  Neither am I an Auburn Tiger fan (I think those are one in the same thing?).  I am actually a crazy cajun LSU Tigers fan.  BTW, I love Les Miles.  Not really.  Anyway, I am impressed with Cam Newton’s character.  Now, this may sound strange considering the NCAA rules investigation.  And usually where there is smoke, there is fire.

What impresses me about Cam’s character is that he never gives up.  He has led the Auburn Tigers to a come from behind victory in 6 or 7 games this season.  And last Friday, Auburn was down to Bama 24-0, and Cam put his team on his shoulders and led them to victory.  BTW, if he does not receive the Heisman Trophy, they ought to quit giving out the award.  He is by far the best college football player in 2010.  If he were wearing an LSU Tiger’s uniform, I’m pretty confident the Bayou Bengals would be undefeated and #1 in the nation…even with the Mad Hatter factor.

But back to Cam’s character…I just love that he endures to the end and never gives up.  I have been around sports my entire life, and I have seen so many athletes get down, hang their heads and throw in the towel.  It bothers me every time I see a player or a team get behind and quit.  Anyway, I love Cam’s never give up attitude and how he carries himself with so much confidence.  He just knows that he is going to win.

And I’m not sure if his dad received any money from MSU or Auburn, but I definitely see Cecil driving new caddy next Summer.

Agree or disagree?

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  1. War Eagle!!! I love his attitude… He never gives up, and always has his head high!! He is a warrior… And I agree, Cecil will be driving a caddy no matter what happens!! War eagle!

  2. I am definitely not an Auburn fan, but I definitely recognize his ability and perseverance. No doubt he is a fighter and yes I believe he’s the best in 2010, but with character comes integrity.

    I hope the investigations come up clean and reveal that he is more than just a great athlete. He deserves the Heisman for his achievements. I hope he deserves integrity for his actions off the field as well.

    Michael Vick is impressing me these days on and off the field by the way. I appreciate his humbleness.

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