Hope Epidemic

Our 2 week series, Hope Epidemic, was simple yet challenging. God gives us hope, and we are to spread His hope to others. I thought both Nate and Jim (Melinda) did great with their messages. You can watch them here.

Also, at the bottom of this post, you can watch the Hope Center video. I could not be more proud of all the staff and volunteers who have invested their time, money, gifts and abilities in spreading hope to the people of Gwinnett Estates.

Here are a few quotes from the messages and a few of my thoughts on a Hope Epidemic:

God and His son, Jesus, are the object of our hope.

Hope is to the spirit as air is to the body.

With God’s hope, we are invincible!

Our eternal hope is through faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the hope of the world.

The local church is God’s vehicle of hope.

God’s hope brings light to dark places.

All churches should be Hope Centers.

Now’s the time for us to rise and carry hope to hopeless eyes.

Imagine how much hope we can spread if we work together as a team.

How is God going to use you to spread hope in the world?

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