Monday Download, Random Thoughts, & (Catchy Title Here)

I have NOT verbally committed to go on a diet and there is certainly nothing in writing.

I can smell a beef brisket in the oven.

It is extremely cold in my basement office.

It was 75 and sunny in Orlando.

I will post some pictures later this week of our family vacation at Universal.

Harry is NOT my homeboy. The Harry Potter ride put me out of commission (motion sickness coupled with nerdyness) for the rest of Day 1 at Universal.  BTW, this was Jenn and the big kids favorite ride.

Hulk and Mummy were my two favorite rides.

It was great to be back at my favorite church yesterday. I loved the response song, The Church, to the message, Spreading Hope. Tomorrow, I will share more on my thoughts of a Hope Epidemic. BTW, Jim and Melinda did a great job and I am so proud of all that is going on at the Hope Center.

And yes, I did go a little crazy on twitter yesterday.

One of the people I follow on twitter is Colin Cowherd.

“Proximity to excellence does not make a person excellent. The distance between a good assistant coach and a great head coach is the grand canyon.” Colin Cowherd

I agree and think this philosophy applies to all fields of work, play and life.

Speaking of, in week 12 the MS Mullets DOMINATED Clark W. Griswold (Heath Hollandsworth) in the GFFL (Graystone Fantasy Football League) with a score of 120.84 to 51.38.

Hopefully, Jenn (Aniston) can comfort Heath.

We are going Clark W.Griswold this year on our Christmas decorations at Graystone.  This morning, Rusty and Jay were assembling on the roof a 30 foot tall Christmas tree made of lights, and Del Peterson has donated another beautiful live tree for the lobby.  And Heath and Kyle said something about grabbing lunch and going to pick up some Christmas trees for the stage. And this is just the beginning of our Christmas decorations.

The Graystone Kids will be singing again this year (December 19) from a “Living Christmas Tree”.

This is the only year in a 15 year span that a Howes kid will not be participating in the Graystone Children’s Christmas Program.  Jessie will begin her 8 year run in 2011.

Speaking of runs, LSU’s luck finally ran out against Arkansas.  I will take 10-2.  The Bayou Bengals are projected to play Oklahoma St in the Cotton Bowl.  FYI, UGA is projected to play UCF in the Liberty Bowl and Georgia Tech is projected to play Boise State in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on JANUARY 9?

Right now, it looks like Auburn will play Oregon for the BCS National Championship.

I did see a ton of War Eagles at Graystone yesterday.

I hope to see a ton of EVERYBODY at church this upcoming Sunday!  We are beginning a new series, “It’s Christmas Time!”.  And Christmas is the time to put Christ back at the center of your life and family.  Let’s finish 2010 strong and make it the best Christmas time ever at Graystone Church.

Our Christmas celebration will climax on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve is always the best service of the year.  This year, we will offer 3 identical services at 2:00, 3:30 and 5:00PM.  Go ahead and make plans with your family.  You do not want to miss it!

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