Friday Five: Current Building Projects

Here are a few “Church Improvement” projects going on at Graystone:

1. Equipping the “Front Room” to be a full-blown worship auditorium for the students, children, and others (stage, stage lights, sound system, relocate video projector/screen, painting the walls, furniture, etc.)

2. Lobby furniture and *decorations

3. Upgrading our sound system in the main auditorium to improve sound quality

4. Sound panels in the Superkids Room to reduce echo and improve sound

5. Monument sign by the road and indoor directional signage

In addition to the current building projects, we’ve set aside money to create more children’s space in the very near future.

*One of the walls in the lobby will be a collage of pictures.  If you have any old picture frames (any size or color) that you would like to donate for this project, please bring them by the church office.


Categories: Graystone Church, Vision

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