Only 1 came back to thank Jesus

In Luke 17:11-19, we read the story of Jesus healing the 10 Lepers.  In verse 14, it says that “as they went” (somewhere between HERE————–>THERE), Jesus healed them.  Then in verses 15-16, we read that only 1 of the 10 men came back to thank Jesus and praise God for the miracle in his life.

Last Sunday, God did an incredible miracle at Graystone Church as we stepped out in faith and trused Him for a special $100,000 offering for the building.  God blew us away with His unlimited power and $113,000 was given.  Let’s not be like the 9 lepers who do not even come back to thank Jesus.  Let’s be like the one and praise God with a loud voice.  Let’s fall at Jesus’ feet and thank Him for performing another incredible miracle for Graystone Church.

Let’s give Him all the glory!

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  1. I never doubted that God would not provide the money we needed, just wondered how much more he would provide. Thanking and praising God was the first thing that I did. Once again, we can NEVER OUTGIVE GOD!

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