Quotes from Sunday’s Message

Last Sunday, I continued our series, I Love My Church, and I talked about the church being “God’s House”.  Here are a few quotes from my message:

“Just a few years ago Graystone Church was homeless.”

“When we met in the daycare, Joelan wrote ‘Trash Boy’ on his t-shirt.”

“When we renovated the old warehouse I learned a new term: SWEAT EQUITY”

“Imagine the Possibilities has become a reality.”

God has blessed the Graystone Church family with a beautiful home…and a really big backyard.”

“Here’s the church. Here’s the steeple.  Open the door and see all the people.”

“God’s house, the church, is no longer the center of our culture or communities.”

“Sundays are no longer sacred.”

“The one thing on earth that Jesus said he would build is His church.” (Matthew 16:18)

“Everyone is welcome in God’s house at Graystone.”

“Being a Christian and not being a part of a local church family makes no sense.  It is like me saying that I play in the NFL, but I am not on a NFL Team”

“BTW, I am not on steroids.  This (pointing to my body) is all natural.”

“God wants His house to be full (Luke 14:23) and he wants us to invite anyone and everyone.”

“God’s house is where the neighborhood kids play.”

“God’s house is where our church family comes together for worship.”

“The local church is God’s storehouse.  His house is where we bring our tithes and offerings.” (Malachi 3:10)

“Many Graystone members have ownership in God’s house, because they have built financial equity though sacrificial giving.”

“When we say, ‘I Love My Church’, we are not saying that our church is better than any other church.  There are many great churches in our area.  What we are saying is, ‘I love my church family.  I love the people of Graystone Church’.

“God’s house should be the epicenter of our relationships.”

“Our best friends should be at Graystone.”

“If you are single, God’s house is the best place to meet someone to marry.”

“Where else would you want to meet someone to marry…a bar? Rudy’s?”

“Not that I have anything against Rudy’s.”

“We want Graystone Church to be your Third Place.”

I love the video with several new people to Graystone sharing why they are giving to the I Love My Church Offering.  I will post it soon.

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