Monday Download: Halloween Woes, Big Loser, Uni-brow Jack O’Lantern

I for one am glad Halloween Weekend is over.  It was a rough one. Grayson and Archer both lost on Friday night.  Julia’s 6th Grade Football Team lost (She’s a cheerleader not a football player.).  I lost my ALTA tennis match and hurt my back in the process (You can read that story here).  The Georgia Bulldogs lost.  I’m not a Georgia fan but I do carry the burdens of our church family.  The Texas Rangers lost… AGAIN.

There is one thing that I did not lose this weekend: weight.  I actually won 5 pounds.  And with the hurt back, I do not see exercise in the near future.  I’m thinking about going on a liquid diet until Thanksgiving.  Jennifer says ice cream is not considered a liquid.  What about a milkshake?

I do like all the Halloween candy, but it is not my favorite holiday.  So far, Jessie is not a big fan of Halloween either.  We took her trick or treating with Cohen Hale. At the first house, there was a tall dude hanging out in the corner of the porch with a black trench coat and a devil/demon mask.  Let’s just say that ended Jessie’s trick or treating experience.  Jessie did love the Fall Carnival at the Hope Center and spent much time in the petting zoo AGAIN.

Jessie was a princess, Julia was Taylor Swift (her hero), and Joelan was a hotdog AGAIN.  I’m giving the best costume award to Tony Dudish who dressed up as Mr. T.  I usually dress up as Brett Favre, but I figured that was not a good idea this year.

Another negative about Halloween is that I am probably the world’s worst dad when it comes to carving a pumpkin.  I have limited artistic ability.  I thought it would be funny to carve a uni-brow on our jack o’lantern, but it didn’t really turn out too well. 

We had another solid worship service at Graystone.  “Kyle and the Band” sounded great, and I love what Ephesians 1:3-14 teaches about being adopted into God’s family.  And coming around the family table to share in the Lord’s Supper together is one of my favorites elements of worship.

BTW, for those of you who are more sensitive, The Wrights knew that I was joking with them about being rednecks by naming their newborn son, Easton.  They are Auburn fans (What would you expect?), and we have been going back and forth over the LSU game.  They posted this ridiculous picture of me on facebook. 

Well, it’s hard to believe it is November with Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas right around the corner.  We are meeting this week to begin planning our Christmas Eve Services at Graystone.  This year, we will be offering 3 worship service times on Friday, December 24 at 2:00, 3:30, and 5:00PM.

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