Random Thoughts This Week

Jennifer got a little political on her blog this morning.

My college football team is still UNDEFEATED!

I know some good news for the Graystone Church family but my blog is not the place to share it.

I have until October 31 to use my free spicy Chick-fil-A sandwich coupons. A big THANK YOU goes out to Laura Gosa.  BTW, I am addicted to the new sandwich.  Those Chick-fil-A folks are geniuses.  Seriously.  Do you love Chick-fil-A?

The MS Mullets are on a 3 game losing skid.  My fellow GFFL (Graystone Fantasy Football League) Owners are loving it.  They are all a bunch of losers.

Last night, Jennifer and I watched the first 6 episodes of Modern Family (Season 1).  Hilarious.  I’m pretty sure there will be a Graystone message series titled, Modern Family, in the near future.

Go Rangers!

The Graystone lobby decorations are in the early stages.  We are looking for people to donate old/new picture frames of all sizes.

On occasion, I find myself saying some pretty stupid things.  Here is a recent one.  At the beginning of my men’s discipleship group on Tuesday night at 9:00 PM after shaking Andre King‘s hand, I said, “Andre, do you workout?”

This week, I have created two radio stations at Pandora.  It has revolutionized my music listening experience.  I was in a rut everyday during my work hours listening to the same playlist, Sermon Pump, on my itunes.

Here’s the passage for this Sunday’s message at Graystone.  EVERY Christian needs to own it and live it.

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