A Handwritten Letter from Matt Harvie

For me, the highlight of the 5th Annual Graystone Golf Classic was a guest appearance by Matt Harvie.  Matt hung out with everyone at the end of the tourney, then he hit around 100 golf balls at the driving range.  At the awards ceremony, I was able to give Matt a “goody” bag and present him with a check for $1000.

I want to THANK everyone who played in the golf tournament and/or sponsored it in anyway.  I also want to say a big THANK YOU to Tony Dudish for picking Matt up and getting him to and from the tourney.

Earlier this week, I received a thank you note to Graystone from Kelly, Matt’s wife, and a handwritten thank you note from Matt.  I have attached a picture of both below.   If you cannot read Matt’s letter, here is what it says.  God is good!  Let’s keep trusting God for Matt’s full recovery.


Thanks for allowing me to show up at the golf tourney on Friday.  Thanks for the check as well as the hat and shirt.  It was good to talk with all the fellows as well.  I need to walk soon so I can play golf and tennis with you!



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