I will ask you the same two questions…

Last Sunday’s baptism celebration is now up on our website.  You can watch it here.

Every time someone is baptized at Graystone, we ask them the same two questions:

1.  Have you committed your life to Jesus Christ?

2.  Are you willing to live the rest of your life for Him?

The answer to these two questions are a person’s public profession of faith and commitment to walk with God for a lifetime.  A person’s commitment to Jesus is both a one time event (justification) and a spiritual growth process (sanctification). Baptism is the one-time event that celebrates a person’s salvation in heaven (or “spiritual birthday”), and The Lord’s Supper is our ongoing practice that reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and our commitment to live for Him.

These are the two ordinances of the church.

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  1. I watched this yesterday in my hotel room in Montana. It was very exciting and we will have to be sure to plan around the next one because I don’t want to miss a baptism Sunday again!

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