What do you love about Graystone Church?

This Sunday, we begin a new message series at Graystone titled, I Love My Church.  We will kick off the new series celebrating Graystone’s 6th Birthday.  In some ways, it is hard to believe that our church is that old.  Our family moved to Grayson, Georgia in August of 2003.  After a little over a year of being pregnant (Bibles studies in our home and core team worship services in a daycare), Graystone Church was born on October 17, 2004 in a renovated warehouse.

In 6 short years, Graystone Church has come a long way from that first Sunday of worshipping God in “a garage” (That’s how Coach Mickey Conn described our church during his testimony at our “Grand Opening”).  Well, it has been quite the journey of faith, and God has done some amazing things along the way.  We will celebrate some of those on Sunday in Graystone fashion.

For my message this week, I will share 6 things that I love about Graystone Church.  Can you help me write my sermon?  I already have some great comments from a pervious post.  So, let’s hear it.

What do you love about Graystone Church?

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  1. Jonathan,
    As a new attender at Graystone I can tell you what drew me to you folks….the ones I met of you at Living Hope were what meant so much the very first Sunday I visited with Dale and Donna. SEVERAL people greeted me by name and that was so special. The heart that Graystone has for missions all over the world is what is so important to me. It’s not a congregation for Grayston but instead for the world!

    Looking forward to seeing the beginnings!


  2. I love the music and creativity of our production team. I love the genuine friendships I have made. I love the children’s ministry and all of the activities for my kids to participate in! Oh yeah, I love the pastor….

  3. I love that the sermon series topics are always the right message at the right time. I have no idea how you do that, but you do! 🙂

  4. I love the music. I love how you add humor and relate the Bible to our lives today. I love the childrens ministry.

  5. I love how approachable our church, and our members are. In the last four years I have been at Graystone I have never once felt uncomfortable or judged.

    I also love our real life sermons. I feel like I can always relate to them.

  6. I have loved watching Graystone grow from about 20 people standing around in a daycare center to a congregation of over 1000.

    I love the people who come to Graystone. We all have our own unique personalities, and work together to share Christ with our community.

    I love the way the Sunday morning just “works,” thanks to everyone who volunteers; from the parking team, to the greeters who welcome you, to the coffee team, the ushers, childrens workers, security team, and worship team.

    I love the staff and the uniqueness of each of them. They were each chosen carefully for their position and they all work together to create an awesome church atmosphere.

    I have loved every single small group that I have been in. I love how the people in my small group treat me like close family.

  7. Why I love Graystone – confessions of an old man

    1. Its God’s plan for this age – Matthew 16:17-19 – How can you not love God’s plan?

    2. The heart beat of the Church is God’s heartbeat – Matthew 9:12-13 – This is not a gathering of righteous people who judge and condemn others, but rather a Body of Believers that loves the Great Commission, and understands the heart of God.

    3. God is exalted above all else, leadership is not arrogant but we have servant leader hearts – Colossians 1:17-19 – There is nothing more important than Christ being exalted, and Him being the center of everything we do at Graystone. We all like to have heroes, and at Graystone you need to understand its Christ.

    4. God is doing something in our community – Acts 2:46-47 – In 45 years of being a Christian, I’ve never seen a working of God so amazing. And it’s going to get better. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

    5. God has not put anyone on the shelf – Ephesians 2:1-10 – If you think you are done with serving God because of what you’ve done, you are wrong. God can and will use you, if you allow Him to. God has a plan for you, and you are at Graystone to discover His purpose and get busy. There is nothing more amazing then to see the Body of Christ fully exercising all their gifts and talents. There is no limit to what God can do through you, and it’s all a matter of how big your God is.

    6. We really do love each other – John 13:34-35 – We are required to love one another, and we do. Sometimes it’s hard, but loving people at Graystone and accepting them where they are is really pretty easy. We all have flaws and problems, but Christ becomes real to the lost world when we do what we are required to. Suddenly an irrelevant religion, becomes an active and Living Christ.

    7. The Word of God is the final rule and authority in all decisions – II Timothy 3:14-17 – There is no argument over the intent and purpose of the Scriptures, they are the foundation of our belief system, and help us define God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and our collective purpose on this planet.

  8. There are so many things to love about Graystone. The facility alone is worthy of that, not to mention the folks who “churn the butter” there every Sunday. But I believe the thing I love the most, the single thing that keeps me there each week and glad to be, is the level of honesty I feel from the sermons. That is to say, that whether I’m at dinner with, or at the ball park with, or at a football game on Friday night with those who minister to us from the stage on Sundays, it’s always the same person. Never have I once felt that a show was being performed by anyone on Sunday mornings, and that true honesty is, I believe, perceived by everyone who attends.
    Keep keeping it real, and I dare say more chairs will need to be purchased sooner rather than later.

  9. Why I love Graystone Church:

    1. You feel welcomed as you enter the drive with the
    parking attendants smiling and directing you. Also,
    having the greeters at the door.

    2. Kyle and the band are awesome in leading the worship
    because you can just feel the Holy Spirit right there with

    3. All of the Pastors are so humble, down to earth and
    add humor to the message that they are teaching from
    God’s Word.

    4. The way that the bulletins are, so that we can fill iin the
    blanks and take notes to be able to put into a notebook
    when we get home.

    5. The way that the Leaders of the Church and Staff all
    work together and have everything so organized.

    6. The skits that are done prior to the message being
    taught are a lot of fun! The videos on the screen, as

    7. The involvement in Missions that Graystone has. One
    of my favorite songs growing up was: “Go Tell On The
    Mountain” For our Church to be so involved with
    Missions means a lot to me.

    8. The Children’s Ministry is just awesome too. I taught
    Preschool for 15 years and it’s just awesome to see
    how organized and how great the programs are here
    at Graystone.

    9. The Women’s Conference was really a touching
    experience and I hope that we can continue
    to have one each year.

    10. Series of Messages, Jonathan, that you teach us
    on Sundays are exactly what we need to be
    hearing, that’s another thing I love about Graystone.
    You take God’s Word and help us to understand
    how to be more like Him and how to have a more
    intimate relationship with Him.

    Well, I could go on, but I guess I should stop at 10!


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