One of Our Most Powerful Services

The music was off the charts yesterday and “Kyle and the Band” did a tremendous job leading us to the cross.  In my opinion, it truly was one of the best services in the 6 year history of Graystone Church.  A BIG THANK YOU goes out to everyone who was involved in yesterday’s service…from the person who built the cross (and pulley-system) to the gifted musicians and vocalists…WOW…to God be the glory!

I hate to highlight anything because the entire service was FANTASTICAL! But, I was moved to tears after hearing Jamal’s testimony about his sister passing away and then him singing “He Came To My Rescue” with all of his heart.

Secondly, after my sermonette, to hear Ryan sing “Fix You” by Coldplay (“Kyle and the Band” nailed it BTW) with images of The Passion on the side screens as a ten foot cross lowered over center stage…POWERFUL!

Let me encourage you to take your “shattered dreams” to the cross.  Cast all your anxieties on Jesus because He loves and cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).  Jesus is the anchor for our souls and OUR HOPE for the future (Hebrews 6:19).

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  1. Yes, it was VERY POWERFUL! I, too, would like to thank everyone because you could definitely feel the Holy Spirit through the music “Kyle and the Band”, Jamal’s testimony and song, the teaching of our last series of Shattered Dreams and the last song with the video and cross. AWESOME!

  2. Yes it was very powerful, it gave me chills when the cross started coming down. Hats off to everyone involved. It was incredible service from start to finish. This was a great series and what great timing. Can you start putting a tissue required disclaimer in the bulletins:)

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