Raising Godly Young Men

In an earlier post, Joelan’s 13th Birthday, I shared about my son and his buddies becoming godly young men. Well, let me share with you about another group of boys growing up in the faith. Sunday at Graystone Church, I had the privilege of baptizing three awesome boys: Taylor Bell, Ethan Lane, and Andrew Dyer.

This was very special for me, because I had the opportunity to help their dads grow spiritually when they were football players at the school formally known as West Georgia College. It is so encouraging to see young Christian men raising their sons to “know God and make God known”. And I am confident that these boys will grow up to glorify God and pass on a godly heritage to their children and grandchildren.

Here is a picture of Murry Bell, Brian Lane, and Andy Dyer when they played football at West Georgia College:

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  1. Wow–what a neat picture!! Jonathan, it was such a privilege to have you baptize our children. Thank you for investing in our lives back then and in the lives of our children now. How blessed we are that God has brought you back into our lives. You touched a lot of young men in the West Georgia days, and so many are now walking with the Lord…. 🙂 We love you.

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