No Blog This Week

I didn’t have time to write a blog this week (unless this one counts?). You guys let me know. I’m really not sure if anyone reads these things other than my mom, my wife and my personal assistant (Heath proof reads them for me.) So, if anyone reads these things, please post a comment and let me know. What has been your favorite blog so far?

I haven’t had time to blog this week, because I have been spending all my time preaparing and researching for this week’s sermon, Great Sexpectations. With “sex” on my brain all week, I was a little afraid to blog for fear of what might come out. I’ve promised Jennifer, my bride of 12.5 years, that I would not tell any personal stories during my “Great Sexpectations” talk. So, you guys pray for me. You know how I like to tell personal stories, and one or two could easily slip out.

At 1st Wednesday, I told the married couples to go ahead and schedule a date night on Sunday, because they needed to set aside time for practical application from my sermon. One of the single adults came up to me after that comment and said, “What are we suppose to do on Sunday evening?” I told her to schedule a big Co-Ed Dodgeball Game!

Well, I guess I did write a blog this week and it was on “sex”.

Please post some comments. I would love to hear from you guys. In the words of Jim Rome, “I’m out!”

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