Trick or Treat & the Tithe

In Christian circles, Halloween is a fairly controversial topic. Most churches opt out of Halloween and have a “Fall Festival”. The youth at Graystone Church are having a Halloween Bash at the Land. From day one, my kids (10 and 8 years old) have always enjoyed trick or treating. Both of them love costumes. Joelan was a superhero five of the first six years of his life. He was Superman one year, Batman for a string of three years, and Bibleman one year. We make sure their costumes are clean and fun. This year, Julia is a nurse and Joelan is a ghost with a goofy hat.
The reason that I like Halloween is the candy. I love all kinds of candy, especially chocolate. This year, I am instituting the tithe with my kid’s Halloween candy. Both of them are faithful to give the tithe, 10% of all their money, to God, their heavenly Father. Well, tonight, they will be giving 10% of their candy to their earthly father, ME. And I am going to require the first fruits of all their candy. I’m not going to let them give me the nasty candy that they do not like, but I’m going to be collecting the good stuff, like the candy bars and the blow pops.
If you are out trick or treating with your kids (or by yourself), swing by my house. You can see my LSU Jack-O-Lantern and I will load you up with the good stuff. My house will be the one that all the neighborhood kids will be trying to make a return visit.

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