Diet Cokes

I told everyone at church on Sunday that Jennifer and I have been performing a CSI on our budget and finances. We are investing areas of our budget that we can cut back so we can give more to the “Imagine the Possibilities” Building Fund. There were several budget items that got red flagged: misc. Target purchases, excessive eating out, and Old Navy Credit Card Bills to name a few. One of the major monthly expenses that came to the forefront was “Diet Cokes”. That’s right, Diet Cokes! It came to our attention that we spend $15 a week at the grocery store on my drink of choice. We are spending $60 a month on my Diet Coke stash not mention the $2.00 a DC every time I go out to eat. I know. That’s a lot of Diet Cokes. I usually consume 8-12 12 oz cans a day. OK, it’s my vice. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t use tobacco products. I don’t gamble. I’m not addicted to any type of prescription drug. I don’t sniff glue down in the basement. Hey, I just like to have an iced cold one by my side throughout the day.
Well, I’m cutting back and making a sacrifice. I told Jennifer not to buy any more Diet Cokes. We are going to save my Diet Coke money and give more to “Imagine the Possibilities”. I want to be clear with everyone. The only reason I am giving up Diet Cokes is financial. I’m not going on a health kick by cutting out carbonated beverages. I’m not backing down because I’m scared of getting kidney stones. I’m not worried about the health risks of nutrasweet causing advanced memory loss. I am simply making a sacrifice to save a little more money to give to the Kingdom. And guess what? God truly is Jehovah Jireh, My Provider. I got home from church on Sunday afternoon and sitting on my front porch, like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, was a 12 pack of Diet Cokes. An anonymous giver had left me this beautiful gift from heaven.
So, here’s the application question: What small sacrifice does God want you to make for Him, so that you can store up treasures in Heaven? Does He want you to quit smoking/dipping, cancel premium cable TV, or delay the purchase of a new vehicle? What is it? What is God calling you to do? Let me challenge you to step out in faith and trust God to do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine.

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