Are you connected?

At Graystone Church we just finished a message series titled, Connect. Many people told me that they loved the series because they understood the concept of a cell phone and relating a cell phone connection to God. During the 3 week series, we talked about staying connected to God, Graystone and Groups. Are you connected?

1) Are you connnected to God? The way to connect with God is through the cross of Christ. We stay connected to God through His word, prayer and walking in the Spirit (allowing God to control your life). How strong is your cell phone signal with God? How many bars do you have? Are you staying connected to Him 24/7?

2) Are you connected to Graystone Church? Each Christian is a valuable part of the body of Christ and has a responsibility to use his/her gifts to serve God and the church. Have you gotten connected in serving God? Are you experiencing joy and satisfaction by using your time and talents to build up the body of Christ and impact others with the good news of Jesus Christ? If not, let me encourage you this week to go by the Connect Center and find your place of service. There is a role in the body of Christ that has your name on it.

3) Are you connected to a small group? Small Groups are made up of 3-12 people who meet weekly for prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. The small group is the place where people care for one another and are missed if they do not show up. Quite frankly, small groups are a place of accountability and life transformation. I believe that small groups are the best place to grow spiritually and develop strong like-minded friendships. To find the perfect small group for you, swing by the Connect Center this week.

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