Clear Skies

This past Sunday, Graystone’s baptism celebration was scheduled for 4 PM. At 3:30 it was raining cats and dogs. My cell phone was ringing off the hook with people wondering if we were still having the baptism. The answer was, of course, “YES! We are having it rain or shine.” Family and friends had traveled far and near to see their loved ones going public with their decision to follow Christ. When we arrived at the Peter’s house for the baptism, the rain seemed to come down even harder. After everyone arrived who was scheduled to be baptized, we had a short meeting to go over the meaning of baptism and a few practical details (hold your nose, bend your knees, etc.) Then, we prayed for the service and for God to clear the skies.

About 5 minutes later, we stepped into the water under clear skies. With 80 people gathered around the pool, Benji Laws, Deanna Laws, Jennifer Prior, Emily Upchurch, Marcia Lakin, Devin Miller, Lori Ernst, Jacob Newberry, Beth Newberry, and Toni Roberson took the plunge symbolizing their new life in Christ. It was an exciting and emotional time with many tears flowing as we cheered, hugged, and celebrated the saving power of Jesus Christ. Baptism is such a special and significant event and reminds us all of God’s incredible love for us.

Speaking of God’s love…this Sunday, we begin a new series at Graytone Church titled, Jesus Loves the 80’s. This first Sunday, I will be talking about “The Power of Love” and Kyle and the band will play the popular 80’s song by “Huey Lewis and the News”. The service is going to be incredibly powerful as we focus on the power of God’s love and see footage from the baptism celebration. There will also be a few 80’s surprises and another classic homemade staff video. If you missed the “Jesus Loves the 80’s” promo video last Sunday or you would like to see it again, you can check it out on the front page of our website:

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