Catching Fish

Sunday night, Joelan (my 10 year old son) and I had the opportunity to go fishing with Benji Laws. We went to a private lake somewhere out in the boonies at one of Benji’s friend’s house. I still do not know my way around all these old farm roads in Gwinnett and Walton County. Anyway, this lake was stocked with catfish and we had a blast hauling in pounds and pounds of meat. Let me tell you, this is my type of fishing. Benji would throw out a cup full of fish food and the catfish would come to the surface of the water and go into a feeding frenzy. Then, they would bite the big nice piece of shrimp on the end of our hooks. When the cork went underwater, the fight was on. I wish I had video of Joelan holding his fishing pole between his legs and reeling in those catfish with all his might. I have never seen a kid get tired and worn out from catching too many fish. Joelan did on this fishing free-for-all. We estimate the biggest fish he caught was a 10 pound catfish. It may weigh 15 pounds by next Sunday.

As we were catching all those fish, I couldn’t help but think about the Bible verse, Matthew 4:19. In this verse Jesus tells his disciples, “Come follow me. And I will make you fishers of men.” If we are truly following Jesus Christ, then he will use us to reach others with the good news of Jesus Christ. I wish leading others to Christ was as easy as catching all those catfish.

Going fishing with Benji was a special time for me. Not just because my son and I had the time of our lives but because Benji has recently committed his life to Jesus Christ and will be getting baptized this coming Sunday. I first threw out the nets of the gospel to Benji 16 years ago when he was a freshman football player at the school formally known as West Georgia College. At the time, Benji would listen to me share about salvation in Jesus Christ but he was very far from making a decision to follow God. Benji was probably the wildest guy at West Georgia College and there are still legendary stories about some of the fights that he got into. So, to sit on the banks of that lake last Sunday night and hear Benji talk about trusting 100% of his life to Jesus Christ and wanting to be a spiritual leader for his wife and kids…it was just one of those special moments that God allows me to enjoy and encourage me that He is using me to be a “fisher of men”. I have always said that if one life is changed for all eternity, it was worth starting Graystone Church.

Hey, who is the Benji Laws in your life? Who is the person that you are praying for and trusting that God will bring to Himself? Let’s continue to follow hard after God and trust Him that He will use us to be “Fishers of men and women”.

To God be the glory,


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