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In the next few days, we are sending a mailer to our community inviting them to Graystone Church for a new message series, STUCK.  It is going out to 60,000 homes in Grayson, Loganville, Snellville, Monroe, Lawrenceville, Bethlehem, Good Hope, and Jersey.  If there is an average of 4 people per home, the invitation is being delivered to the mailbox of  240,000 people or roughly a quarter of a million souls.

You never know how people will respond or if they will even see it.  Most of them will probably go straight into the trash can.  But some of them will grab people’s attention.  Let’s pray for God to use these mailers to draw many people to Himself and for lives to be changed for all eternity.

Here are 10 prayers we can pray for those receiving the mailer

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2014 Brazil Team


Our short-term Brazil Mission Team is arriving in Curitiba today and will return on Saturday, July 26.  For regular updates, please follow the Brazil Mission Team Blog: https://graystonebrazil2014.wordpress.com/.  Also, prayer cards are available at Guest Services at Graystone Church.

Team Members

Toni Barrett
Crystal Carpenter
Pat Carpenter
Lyndsey Casteel
Taylor Dirkse
Andrew Falgiano
Hannah Galbraith
Jennifer Gates
Samantha Greenblatt
Casey Haverkamp
Heath Hollandsworth
Joelan Howes
Julia Howes
Sadie Lambert
Jono Long
Colton Lublink
Treva Martin
Eric McKnight
Brandi Mengel
James Mengel
Ashlyn Richards
Karlee Richards
Shawn Richards
Mikayla Rogers
Melissa Russell
Kelli Scolamiero
Alan Smith
Allison Smith
Mary Ellen Smith
Luis Valenzuela
Jessica Wallace
Adam Wilhite

Prayer Requests

- Pray for the children and orphans of Curitiba
– Pray for hearts to be changed here Curitiba and among the 32 Graystone team members on this trip
– Pray for Hope & Life Brazil – the organization we’ll be working with
– Pray for health and safety


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Building Map

This morning, Graystone Church officially closed on the loan, and we “own” the land and buildings in Monroe for our Graystone Walton Campus.  PRAISE GOD.  Let the renovations begin!


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Over the last couple years, we have given a big prize away (ATV, riding lawnmower, Big Green Egg) for The Man Series at Graystone Church. This year is no different.  Since our message series theme is BUILD, we decided to give away a bunch of tools.  What man doesn’t need an awesome set of tools?  There will be 3 winners: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Basically, it is a FREE raffle. All you have to do is show up at Graystone Church on Sunday, June 29, and enter your name in the raffle.  Yes, you do have to be a man (18+ years old).  And yes, you do have to be present at church on Sunday.  We will collect all the entries from both campuses and on Monday, June 30, we will draw 3 lucky names out of the hat.

Here’s the deal.  The reason we are doing this is that it’s a great opportunity for you to invite your friends to Graystone Church. They will have fun at The Man Series and have an opportunity to win an incredible tool set.  And who knows, maybe God will change his life for all eternity.  I talk to men all the time who first came to Graystone for one of our big giveaways, and they have been coming ever since.

Who are you inviting this Sunday to Graystone Church?

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When I was a kid growing up, I rarely went to church.  When I did go, it was incredibly boring.  I have to confess that during the service I would literally lay on the pew and take a nap with my head in my Ganny’s lap.

I met with a guy yesterday who said that his elementary kid loves church and cannot wait to come.   He first came to Sports Camp last year and has been coming ever since.  He said his son has fun at church and learns the Bible, which is two of our objectives for children’s ministry.  We want kids to associate fun with church.

This week our middle school and high school kids had a blast on a giant slip n slide.  There was no worship music.  There was no Bible teaching.  They just came to the church, hung out with their friends and had a blast.  It was just clean fun.

The Man Series is fun.  Eating meat off the grill and beef jerky is fun.  Watching men compete is fun.  Hearing “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd is fun (and it tied into the Bible message).  Giving away a $2000 tool set is fun.

I know there are Christians/pastors on the other side of the spectrum that say we should be living “radical lives” and church should be a “spiritual bootcamp” preparing us to do battle against the spiritual forces of evil while advancing the kingdom of God.  Well, I agree.  Personally, I think it’s both/and.

We are giving our lives to the greatest mission on earth.  And I think we can have fun doing it.  I don’t know about you, but there isn’t anything more fun and rewarding than seeing someone’s life changed of all eternity.  And we get to be a part of it.  So let’s DOMINATE our community with the love of Jesus Christ and have a blast doing it.

For the critics out there, is it really a bad thing that kids and students want to come to church because it’s fun?

I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.” Jesus (John 10:10)


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1. Graystone Kids will be at the Gwinnett Braves Game on Friday night at 7:00.  Come join us in the outfield lawn.

2.  Our Haiti Mission Team arrives home on Saturday.  Keep praying for them.  I can’t wait to hear all that God did in and through their lives.

3. Week 2 of The Man Series is happening this Sunday.  There will be “man songs”, contests, lots of testosterone, and much much more.  Ozora campus times: 9:30, 11:00, 12:15 and Walton campus times: 9:30 and 11:00.

4. Newcomers Lunch is Sunday at 12:15PM in the Student Room of the Ozora Campus.  Lunch and childcare are provided!  There is no need to sign up.  There is a seat with your name on it.

5. Prayer Walk at our future Graystone Walton Campus on Sunday at 2:00PM.  The property has been vacated, and we hope to close by the end of June. PRAISE GOD!  Before we begin any renovations, we will circle/cover/blanket the place in prayer.  The address is 723 N Broad Street (Hwy 11), Monroe, GA 30656.

Building Map


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Please pray of our short-term mission team flying down to Haiti today.  They will spend a week working with Voices of Christ Haiti and ministering to the kids of the orphanage, school and community.  Let’s pray for lives to be changed on both ends.

Team Members:

Michael Anefils

Regine Anefils

Jacob Baird

Jamie Evans
Bill Hildebrand
Maria Hildebrand
Matt Hildebrand
Stefanie Hildebrand
Fred Maidment
Kim Parker
Elliott Rogers
Jacqueline Scales
Alex Teague
Lindsay Zubler


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